Storm Damage Cleanup in San Antonio & Buda, TX

Effective Storm Damage Cleanup In Your Neighborhood

Have harsh storms recently ravaged your neighborhood? Storms are made up of many different weather elements. Heavy rain, hail, high wind speeds, and lightning damage are only a few of the serious causes of building damage. Downed power lines and fallen trees also contribute to the various forms of storm damage that need to be cleaned up and righted. Luckily, our crew at Dri Right Restoration Services of Texas understands all the nuances of storm damage cleanup in Dri Right Restoration Services of Texas. Please give us a call at 800-484-9597 for all of your sanitation, cleaning and disinfection services. We would be happy to help. We provide the very best storm damage cleanup in San Antonio & Buda, TX.

What is Storm Damage Cleanup?

The National Severe Storms Laboratory stipulates that storms can cause all manner of damage to buildings and neighborhoods. This is due to the fact that storms bring about high winds, flash flooding from rain, and damage from lightning strikes. As a matter of fact, severe thunderstorms can spawn tornadoes, which are not only dangerous for individuals, but also cause catastrophic damage to residences and businesses alike.

What Are the Effects of Storms?

Speaking of severe weather damage, tornadoes do their fair share of destruction. Tornadoes are known to have a wind speed of one-hundred and ten miles per hour. Strong tornadoes can have wind speeds that exceed two-hundred miles per hour. Understandably, these strong winds can batter home and remove roofs. If the winds are strong enough, they can even lift and move cars and trucks. Our competent crew at Dri Right Restoration Services of Texas is here to help. We provide comprehensive disaster cleanup. Through following appropriate safety precautions and following through with procedures, we will manifest exactly the type of solution that you require.

Our Company Is Here to Help

Our team specializes in many types of cleaning and sanitation services. Whether our customers require water extraction, mold removal, or storm damage cleanup, we can provide the right kind of assistance. When we arrive at a job, we are always ahead of the curve. Through arriving on time and on schedule, you will receive the dedication and attention you need for your storm damage cleanup. If you would like to find out more about what we can do for you, please give us a call at 800-484-9597

Scheduling an appointment for your storm damage clean up has never been easier. Our staff at Dri Right Restoration Services of Texas are ready to take your phone call at 800-484-9597. Discover more about what our storm damage cleanup in San Antonio or Buda, TX can do for you!

Matt Trent
August 12, 2020

Re-Roof and Storm damage clean up

My supply line to my master bathroom toilet broke. Flooded my entire house. My insurance agent told me about Dri Right. The did a great job. Work directly with my insurance and got me back into my house fast. Their team Is A++++. If you need a restoration company to handle your loss, you need to call Dri Right

W. Walker


Great service an awesome emergency responders

Javier Rodriguez


During the storm my roof received damage and it created a leak. I called Dri Right of Texas and David Lopez came by to inspect if there was any water damage. He provided us excellent customer service and provided us honest feedback. He also gave us a fair quote to repair our roof. I will definitely recommend Dri Right!

Jeremy Villanueva