Fire Damage Restoration & Smoke Mitigation in San Antonio or Buda, TX

Trustworthy Help with Your Fire Damage Restoration & Smoke Mitigation

If you have recently had a fire in your home, it will be important for you to search out the professional experts who can help with fire / smoke mitigation in San Antonio or Buda, TX. In order to live in a safe environment, all potential sources of hazardous waste must be removed. The removal must be cohesive and according to the best health safety practices. Our company, Dri Right Restoration Services of Texas, is here to provide those necessary cleaning services. Each surface that has been affected will be inspected and cleaned, with all offending soot and similar substances removed. Please give us a call at 800-484-9597 to find out more about what we can do for your home or property. We would be happy to assist.

We Are Here to Board Up, Clean Up and Pack Out

Often, fires leave a devastating array of terrible problems for survivors. Not only are property fires hazardous while they are in effect, but the aftermath is also similarly negative. Smoke and fire damage manifest a harmful set of health concerns that all individuals should be aware of. For instance, smoke is an adverse mixture of particles and gases. When smoke is inhaled, the lungs become inflamed. The airways are also constricted. After a fire is over, the smoke damage lingers, which means that the air and breathing conditions are still bad for living individuals. Our team would be only too glad to follow proper safety protocol and cleanse your home of smoke and fire damage. To this end, we can board up your home, clean up the rooms, and pack out your precious materials.

We are Odor Control Professionals

There are few things worse than the odor of smoke. When a fire ignites drywall and wood and all surrounding architectural elements, the remains are a molten mixture of it all. The smell alone is catastrophic. When Dri Right Restoration Services of Texas sanitizes a home, we are able to usher in a new period of stability. Through utilizing tried and true methods, we can establish odor control in the affected area. As a matter of fact, Dri Right Restoration Services of Texas also handles mold removal and storm damage cleanup. That means that we are well-versed in delivering proven results with odor control in a variety of settings.

Biohazard Cleanup You Can Rely On

When Dri Right Restoration Services of Texas takes on a task, we use diligence and care to get the job done right. This is true of action concerning crime scenes, or scenes of trauma. Our competent and skilled staff is able to remove all blood-borne pathogens using nationally approved safety protocol. Each step must be seamlessly executed in order to confidently move on to the next step. If you would like to learn more about our biohazard cleanup, please feel free to give us a call at 800-484-9597.

Do You Need Help with Content Cleaning?

When it comes to professional cleaning services, it is important to move forward with the professionals you can trust. It has never been more important to seek out a professional sanitation company. Our crew is happy to help with all kinds of services, including content cleaning. That means that not only can we remove vestiges of smoke damage, we can also clean the contents in the rooms therein. With such attention to care and detail, you can rest assured that your home or property is in good hands.

If you think you need fire / smoke mitigation in San Antonio or Buda, TX, call Dri Right Restoration Services of Texas at 800-484-9597 to speak with our staff about making an appointment today!

Dalene Kalani

November 13, 2020

Bio clean

Dalene Kalani

November 11, 2020

Fire clean up

My supply line to my master bathroom toilet broke. Flooded my entire house. My insurance agent told me about Dri Right. The did a great job. Work directly with my insurance and got me back into my house fast. Their team Is A++++. If you need a restoration company to handle your loss, you need to call Dri Right

W. Walker


Great service an awesome emergency responders

Javier Rodriguez


During the storm my roof received damage and it created a leak. I called Dri Right of Texas and David Lopez came by to inspect if there was any water damage. He provided us excellent customer service and provided us honest feedback. He also gave us a fair quote to repair our roof. I will definitely recommend Dri Right!

Jeremy Villanueva